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LPS Productions has developed an integrated approach for the promotion and development of communities. Our method relies on original realizations (some are world premieres) organized around:

  1. Support offered to collective enterprises in social economy, particularly relating to initiatives in public transportation in small and medium communities
  2. Assistance in the development of health co-ops (cooperatives); Theory, financing, community organization, business planning, creation of prevention and leading-edge health maintenance programs; support to co-op organizations of second and third levels
  3. Realization of community real estate projects often with as starting point the recycling of industrial sites leading to the development of commercial and community multifunctional centers.

At LPS Productions, we share our experiences by offering services and expertise in management of collective enterprises in the social economy and health sectors, analysis of economic development, commercial and industrial real estate development and community transportation. Our work is not limited to Quebec, but extends to Canada and the world.

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The Leading Boards portal allows various types of organizations to have a virtual meeting place with collaborative and networking tools at the leading edge of technology. The system is completely secure and creates an environment for collaboration that guarantees confidentiality.


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